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To make the process simple and easy, we typically provide the equipment, installation, communications, maintenance, data processing, and reporting for an all-inclusive cost.

permanent station

Permanent Stations

For long-term monitoring with a network of 10 stations, the all-inclusive cost is as low as $4000 per month.

  • Recording equipment including sensors
  • Solar panel, battery, and enclosure
  • Installation
  • Communications (cellular)
  • Maintenance as required
  • Data processing
  • Real-time web interface for earthquake locations
  • Automatic reporting (csv file download)
portable station

Portable Stations

For a 6 month deployment covering a 5×5 km area, the cost is $75000 ($3000 per square kilometer for larger areas).

  • Recording equipment including sensors
  • Installation
  • De-installation
  • Data processing
    • Earthquake locations
    • Tomography

Locations with high travel, communications, or shipping costs, extreme environments, and other factors may increase the cost.

The cost can also be lower depending on the individual circumstances.