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Permanent seismic networks for monitoring geothermal field seismicity.

We offer full geothermal field monitoring for proactive management and informed decisions.

3D passive seismic tomography for characterizing geothermal reservoirs.

Transform geothermal reservoir characterization with our advanced 3D passive seismic tomography.

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Welcome to Geothermal Seismology Group

Seismic Recording in Berkeley, California

We at Geothermal Seismology Group focus on earthquake seismology and its role in supporting the geothermal industry. Our aim is to bridge the gap between seismic research and sustainable energy development by providing state-of-the-art solutions and expertise to stakeholders in the geothermal sector.

We are committed to advancing the development of sustainable energy and promoting the responsible use of our planet’s resources through effective seismic monitoring in Berkeley, California. Join us on this journey towards a greener future powered by geothermal energy.

We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

Geothermal Seismology Group’s mission is to make earthquake recording and analysis affordable for geothermal exploration and operating companies.

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